Monday, 10 August 2009

Birthday pics!

It was my 21st birthday on Saturday and I had a brilliant day!

There were some lovely decorations and pressies....

There was cake (it was yummy!)....

I also enjoyed a delicious meal with my family at a restaurant called The Real Greek (

I had 2 cold meze dishes, one was Gigandes Plaki (butter beans in a herby tomato sauce). The other was a lentil dish called Santorinian Fava, which was pureed lentils with different herbs (lots of garlic!) and was rather like hummus in texture. I ate these dishes alongside some new potatoes, dressed with olive oil.

Everything was presented beautifully and tasted really good! I did take pictures on my mobile phone but I am having trouble uploading them at the moment. If I eventually manage to transfer them to the computer I promise I will post them!

Edit: photos now uploaded:
Gigantes Plaki on the bottom and the top
Home-made hummus in the middle (I didn't eat this as I was too full from my other dishes but it looked scrummy!)
Close up photo of Gigantes Plaki:
New potoates (I ate two bowls of these they were so yummy!)