Saturday, 3 April 2010

Long time no post yet again and decision about future of blog

I am getting so lazy with this blog! Things have been crazy at uni though, I recently had to hand in my dissertation, which was a huge relief but very stressful beforehand.

I am now at home for the Easter holidays, which unfortunately I cannot completely enjoy due to the need to revise for my upcoming exams (start 12th May eek!)

Anyway I had a lovely day today with a great friend of mine! We ate oven chips and Linda McCartney sausages- yummm!! We also watched Matilda (fave comfort watch of mine!) and Step Up 2 (love a cheesy dance film)

Good times...

I have decided that I am no longer going to update this blog. I still read many blogs daily and plan to comment from time to time but at the moment I think I need to focus on my recovery in terms of achieving both good physical and mental health.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

100th post!!!! Childhood food memories

As a vegan, many of the foods I enjoyed as a child I no longer consume (well not in the same form at least).

Nevertheless, I still have fond memories of baking with my sister and my mum. I remember often making what we called 'cheesy biscuits', which were basically savory biscuits with cheese added to them. What was most fun this (other than eating them) was the wide range of different shapes we made from cookie-cutters that my mum had bought. I also remember baking bread, which I enjoyed because you could take out any aggression on the dough when kneading it before putting it into the oven!

In terms of meals, a firm favourite was macaroni cheese. I never actually made this myself but as people knew I was such a fan, I often ate it when staying with my Grandma (always in front of a Postman Pat video- of which I was also a big fan!) When my mum made it and there were leftovers, I would always eat them for breakfast the next day!

I have made vegan versions of macaroni cheese and although I am sure they bear little resemblance to 'real' macaroni cheese, I find they are tasty and always invoke strong memories of when I enjoyed this meal as a child. For me, there is definitely something special about childhood food memories and I find that they are particularly vivid.

Anyone like to share any childhood food memories?

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I love shopping!

Hi everyone!

I have been thinking about what I would like to post on this blog. I have decided that I would like to make it a little less food-oriented. I have come to realise that while suffering from an eating disorder, my life essentially revolved around food and consequently lacked meaning. Therefore, I want to rediscover and share my other interests on this blog. I still intent to post about food on occasion but will be mainly posting about other topics. I hope that it doesn't become boring!

Anyway, starting as I mean to go on, I thought I would share my 2 most recent shopping purchases:

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mint chocolate= yum!

My lovely flatmate bought me this scrummy bar of chocolate recently:

I had never actually eaten a mint chocolate bar before. I have always been a bit weird about flavours with chocolate but this was really delicious! I enjoyed the whole bar in one sitting (after a yoga class- I think the combination makes for a perfect formula to achieve ultimate relaxation!)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I haven't posted in ages and thought I would explain a little more about my personal issues. I would like to re-start posting on my blog but feel that I need to be honest about what has been going on.

Basically, I have been diagnosed with an Eating Disorder. I have struggled with disordered eating on and off for the past 7 years. I don't think that I wanted to admit that I had a problem but things became particularly bad towards the end of the summer of last year and when I came away to university in October. I stopped posting on my blog because there was nothing interesting about the food that I was eating and I stopped enjoying food. I have recently seen a doctor and am now receiving treatment. I am determined to get to a place where I can eat healthily and enjoy food again.

I want to start posting again as I think it might help me in this journey. I know that my meals have never seemed especially exciting but I did used to like eating them!

Anyway sorry for waffling on!

From Emma