Monday, 30 June 2008

Yummy cereal and even more more pasta and stir fries : )

This is my new favourite cereal. I usually prefer hot breakfasts (even in summer) and tend to have either weetabix (heated up in the microwave) or porridge. However, this cereal caught my eye last time that I was shopping so I decided to give it a go. It is really healthy because it is a good vegan source of omega 3 and is fortified with loads of healthy vitamins and minerals. I have been enjoying it for breakfast for the past few days but I think it would also make a great snack any time of the day!

Unsurprisingly, my dinners have not been a break from the norm. I was in a realy lazy mood last night so made myself some noodles with a nutritional yeast sauce. It was nice comfort food and was so easy to cook.

This is a seriously spicy stir fry that I made for myself the other evening. I used birds eye chillies (which are much hotter than the larger chilli peppers I buy!) I love spicy food so this was lovely. I used a tomato based sauce to coat the veggies and tofu and burried underneath is some wholemeal spaghetti. This was certainly dinner with a kick!

I also added some chillies to this stir fry but I used the larger chilli peppers so the heat was not quite so intense! I used a black bean sauce, wholewheat rice noodles, tofu (which I remembered to freeze then defrost for a better texture) and loads of veggies! Sorry that the picture is rubbish- it was taken hurriedly with my phone because I couldn't find my camera and I was really hungry!

Also over the weekend I enjoyed a lovely meal out with my parents at one of our favourite restaurants: Wagamama. My favourite dish there is yasai itame which is: 'stir-fried bok choi, fried tofu, red and spring onions, red peppers, portobello mushrooms and beansprouts. served with rice noodles in a spicy coconut and green chilli soup. garnished with coriander, mint and a wedge of lime '. I love it!

Both my omni parents also had tofu dishes and they both enjoyed their meals very much! My dad had: saien soba 'wholewheat noodles in a vegetable soup topped with stir-fried courgettes, asparagus, fried tofu, red onion, leeks, shiitake and portobello mushrooms, mangetout, beansprouts and garlic. seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and garnished with sliced spring onion'. My mum had: yasai chilli men 'stir-fried courgettes, white and portobello mushrooms, mangetout,green and red peppers and fried tofu in a sauce made from chillies, ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes, lemongrass and sweet red peppers. served with wholewheat noodles.'

We all really enjoy eating there because all the food is cooked freshly to order (so sometimes food comes at different times) but it is always delicious! They do a wide range of different dishes, including milder dishes,which is great for people like my sister who don't like spicy food! I would highly recommend this restaurant!

I don't know if anyone has any experience of growing veggies but my mum has been trying to grow courgettes and chilli peppers (both in pots). The chilli plant is still in its infancy but I cannot wait to start eating the chillies from it! The courgette plant however has been growing faster. Last night this courgette was picked last night by my mum and she used it in a pea and courgette soup, which she and my dad enjoyed for dinner last night.

She was really proud of her plant so I took a picture of her next to it!:

Sunday, 22 June 2008

More of my usual- and my dad's father's day brekkie!

I forgot to post a picture of my dad's special brekkie, which I made for him last Sunday! He usually eats a really healthy breakfast of porridge with a banana (he absolutely loves bananas!) but I wanted to treat him to breakfast in bed... so I made some chocolate peanut butter pancakes!

I used this amazing spread! It is something I found in my local supermarket and I was so excited when I found out that it was vegan! It is crunchy peanut butter with chocolate chips and is really tasty. Although I prefer smooth peanut butter, anything with chocolate always goes down very well with me!

My dad is also a big fan of peanut butter so I decided to make him some pancakes with some of this stuff stirred in and then I chopped up a banana on the top of the pancakes. He said that he enjoyed them so I was pleased with my efforts!

Despite attempts to branch out a little with my evening meals, I have been eating my usual pasta and stir fries but I can't help it because I love them!

Below is my dinner last night. It is a creamy tomato sauce made with some nutritional yeast and was served with wholewheat noodles. It was just what I fancied, simple and tasty!

My dinner the night before was this stir fry. I used thick udon noodles and used loads of different veggies- I can't even remember them all! I also chucked in my usual tofu and the whole thing was very yummy! It took me forever to eat this plateful but I enjoyed every mouthful!

For dessert last night I had some chocolate tofutti. I realised I hadn't eaten anything chocolate-related in the last few days (very unlike me!) so I really enjoyed it! I think I might slightly prefer the Swedish glace ice cream though so I may see if I can get some chocolate flavour Swedish Glace ice cream... now that would be yummy I am sure!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sweet eats

In general I am a pretty healthy eater but I do have a sweet tooth and love enjoying sweet treats on a regular basis!

My current favourites are:

I love this custard! It is strange because I never liked non-vegan custard but I really like this stuff. I tend to eat it cold straight out of the box! It is also much healthier than it sounds. It is fortified with both calcium and vitamin B12 and naturally contains omega 3 and 6!

This is not quite as healthy but definitely just as delicious! It is sooo creamy and tasted to me like I remember 'luxury' dairy ice cream! My omni dad had a spoonful and really liked it but I was enjoying it so much I wouldn't let him eat any more!! Heheee!

Some of my dinners this week...

I have been enjoying a range of different evening meals this week, which has been nice. Over the exam period at uni I was cooking the same meals over and over so it is nice to be out of that rut!

First up is an regular of mine- the beloved stir fry! My dad bought me some rice noodles dressed in canola oil (an oil I had never tried before). I was just dying to test them out in a stir fry! I often find that rice noodles get stuck together when cooking them but the oil helped them not go so clumpy and they were really tasty. This stir fry also contained tofu, loads of veggies including peppers, onions, sweetcorn and cabbage. Usually I add a stir fry sauce but I fancied having the stir fry plain so just added a little salt for enhanced flavour.

The next meal pictured on my blog was an attempt to do something creative with falafel! I had some in the fridge that needed to be eaten so I got my thinking cap on! I knew that I was in the mood for pasta (as I am most of the time) so made a sauce with the falafel to go with some wholemeal spaghetti. The sauce was made used tinned tomatoes, chilli peppers, mushrooms, and mushed up falafel! I was thinking of having them 'meat ball' style but decided to be different! It turned out really nice and I enjoyed the meal muchos! Unfortunately, my family are a little more sensitive to chilli peppers than myself so they were coughing as I was cooking my meal!

Finally, is a thai curry that I made for my dinner this evening. It was made using some red thai curry paste, soy milk, peas, sweetcorn and some soy 'chicken style' pieces. It was nice and creamy and really hit the spot! I will definitely be making this again soon. I might try it with tofu next time or maybe some chopped up soy sausages...

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Back from hols- nice and rested!

I had a great holiday in Greece with my friend Samaan. It was a lovely treat after my exams and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did not take many pictures of my food while I was there (I felt a bit self conscious) but I did take plenty of other pictures, some of which I thought I'd share : )

On the flight I tasted my first vegan aeroplane meal so I had to take a picture! (I'm sad like that ; ) ) It consisted of sausage in a tomato sauce with some has browns on the side. It was pretty tasty for plane food! The passenger sitting next to me commented that my food looked better than his : ) Score for the vegans! ; )

A piccie of the swimming pool...

Our hotel...

My friend Samaan (baker of the vegan chocolate cheesecake and other yummy vegan delights)

Me in my outfit for the 'Binbag ball' evening of fun!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I'l be back soon!

Yay my exams are FINALLY over and I am off on holiday for a week to Greece- I'll post some pictures when I get back!