Friday, 14 March 2008

Chocolate heaven!

Unfortunately my camera is out of batteries at the moment so I have been unable to take photos of my meals. I haven't been making anything particularly unusual for me though- have been eating loads of pasta as usual!
Anyway, onto the good stuff: I was lucky enough to receive a Green and Blacks Easter egg from my friend (he knows my tastes so well) which consisted of a large dark chocolate egg as well as 2 150g bars of Green and Blacks chocolate. One was my favourite (or maybe former favourite) one with cherries, the other was a bar the same as the one pictured above which I have never even seen in the shops before (otherwise I definitely would have sampled it- I have tried all of the Green and Blacks dark chocolate bar flavours that I can get in my supermarket!).
I hadn't had any chocolate products with nuts since going vegan as I find that mostly the products available to buy are milk chocolate items, or the dark chocolate coated nuts are covered in shellac (for some stupid reason). Anyway this chocolate bar was absolutely heavenly and I have to admit I ate the whole bar in its entirety because it was so delicious! (I am aware that Easter is not for a little while but chocolate around me never lasts very long- I already consumed the Easter egg that came with the chocolate bars!)
So if you ever get the chance to try this yummy treat I highly recommend that you do- you will NOT be disappointed!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Chocolate heaven?! Your title caught my eye RIGHT away hehe. I had no idea that Green and Black made vegan chocolate eggs... will have to look for 'em.

Emma said...

Yes Green and Blacks do bring out some yummy Easter Eggs at Easter.

They stupidly do one which comes with MILK chocolate truffles but they also do a plain chocolate one (with or without the extra choccie bars) as well as a 'maya gold' one which is orange flavoured plain chocolate.

Hope that you manage to track one down!