Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Non-food things!

Just a couple of pics I wanted to share:

1. My sexy new vegan trainers:

When these arrived (I bought them online) I was so excited I was so eager I tried them on straight away and was walking around the house in them for ages! I didn't wear them outside the house for a few days though because I couldn't bear the thought of them getting dirty- ha!

2. A necklace made by my cousin:

I think this cupcake necklace is so cute! I am always amazed by her talent and creativity! I posted the link to her website a litle while back bu here it is again if you are interested in checking out her stuff :


flower said...

That necklace is cute cute cute, Im checking out her website right away :)

Ruth Rogers said...

Love the pink and white shoes!

Vaala said...

Loving the shoes! Where did you get them from?

Holy said...

Wow thats fantastic and cute as well especially that muffin necklace. I loved it, its is yummy, would love to have it for me as well. Thanks for the necklace idea.

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