Monday, 28 April 2008

I love chocolate!

One of my best friends came round last night (I have blogged about him before- he is the maker of the amazing vegan chocolate cheesecake!). We enjoyed a nice meal of pasta with A spicy lentil sauce (I was really hungry so dived in and forgot to take a picture!)

We followed the pasta with a yummy dessert of chocolate tofutti- a new fave of mine! My omni friend had not tried it before but love it and said it tasted just like regular dairy ice cream (I would argue it is even better- but I guess I am biased!) The only problem was that it had frozen really hard in my freezer so we needed to microwave it for ages to soften it up- we were both too impatient to wait for it to soften at room temperature!

Anyway he also gave me not one but TWO bars of my favourite dark chocolate- Green and Blacks! He gave me a bar of Maya gold ('infused with spices and a twist of orange') and Cherry (whole dried sweetened cherries).

Unsurprisingly I have consumed the entire bar of Maya gold already- it just hit the spot for my afternoon snack! The cherry will be on tomorrow's menu methinks....


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

You KNOW how much I adore chocolate :o)

Salad oil = corn oil/canola oil (I changed my post, because lots of people had never heard of salad oil)

I'll send you an email tomorrow :o)

Emma said...

Hehehee yes I do indeed-I really felt your pain at Easter when you couldn't find a Green and Blacks Easter egg!

Aha canola oil- I have heard of that! I can now make the recipe : )

I look forward to receving your email!

Emma said...
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