Monday, 21 April 2008

Warning- bumper picture post ahead!

So I am back to blogging after a long break! I am going to try to get back into regular posting now that I feel more up to it! I have been taking pictures of several of my recent meals so I have plenty to share:

First up are two variations of one of my favourite comfort food meals- Macaroni cheese. I try to add some veggies where I can and found it is especially tasty with spinach and mushrooms, although peas are nice too! I did rather overcook the pasta in the dish with spinach so it was a bit of a mush, but a tasty mush nonetheless!

Next up is yet another pasta dish! This was a creamy tomato sauce with mushrooms, red peppers and wholemeal pasta twists. Yes- I did eat it all up!

Next is a yummy thai curry cooked by an omni friend of mine. It was made with coconut milk, thai green curry paste, bamboo shoots and some soya 'chicken style' pieces. We had it with some white rice on the side (I always use brown rice when I am cooking but hey my friend was treating me to a meal- I'm not gonna complain!)

My amazing friend also made his signature dessert- tofu chocolate cheesecake, garnished with chopped almonds : ) It was scrummy as usual and he even let me take an extra slice home for later (it did not last long in my fridge!)

I also tried my first vegan chocolate ice cream recently! I have tried chocolate soya yoghurt type desserts before but never a frozen dessert. This was made by tofutti as you can see below. It was not too rich and tasted really creamy. In fact I was enjoying it so much that I ate the whole tub in one sitting!

I will try to be back soon with some more food piccies!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

your food all looks delicious. I’m especially loving all the pasta dishes. Expect an email tonight or tomorrow.

Emma said...

Thanks Katie- pasta is big on the menu at the moment, it is my favourite comfort food so I find it fairly easy to eat large quantities of it!

I look forward to hearing from you soon, hope you are having a nice day!

Vaala said...

I love macaroni cheese. Have you tried this one? Although it uses a ridiculous amount of pots it is so delicious.

Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. Yeah, I didn't find NZ that vegan-friendly until I started digging around a bit. You have your regular places you go to basically.