Thursday, 12 June 2008

Back from hols- nice and rested!

I had a great holiday in Greece with my friend Samaan. It was a lovely treat after my exams and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did not take many pictures of my food while I was there (I felt a bit self conscious) but I did take plenty of other pictures, some of which I thought I'd share : )

On the flight I tasted my first vegan aeroplane meal so I had to take a picture! (I'm sad like that ; ) ) It consisted of sausage in a tomato sauce with some has browns on the side. It was pretty tasty for plane food! The passenger sitting next to me commented that my food looked better than his : ) Score for the vegans! ; )

A piccie of the swimming pool...

Our hotel...

My friend Samaan (baker of the vegan chocolate cheesecake and other yummy vegan delights)

Me in my outfit for the 'Binbag ball' evening of fun!

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