Wednesday, 17 December 2008

It's getting closer to xmas!

I have just under 3 days until I have the xmas holidays- yay! This has meant that I have been really busy (everyone is ill at work so we've all had to work extra hard to make up for it!). This has meant unexciting eats (as usual!)

I have also had a few meals out recently, which has meant I have eaten loads of chips (the vegan option!). Therefore, I have been enjoying lots of stir-fries when I have been cooking for myself. I love them soooo much! They are so quick and easy to make and I can get in loads of veggies to keep my immune system up and make up for the lack of nutrition in the chips I have been eating!

Stir-fry 1: With udon noodles, soya chunks, a tasty mixture of veggies and some green chilli peppers for some heat!

I used these noodles (so quick to cook because you can shove them straight into the wok- hence the name 'Straight to wok')

Stir-fry 2: Stir-fry with soya chunks (again), loads of different veggies, green chilli peppers and I think it was some wholewheat noodles that were buried underneath!

I also tried a new product- this Spelt tortellini (filled with veggies) which I ate in a creamy cheeze sauce. I bought it from a trip I made to wholefoods. Sorry for the awful pics- I was hungry!

I was a little disappointed by this product as I didn't think it has much flavour. I preferred the other pasta I tried from this range, made with tofu and spices so next time I will buy that instead.
I also tried this ready meal:

I was so excited to see this in my local health food shop as I have never seen an Amy's meal there before. I enjoyed this meal for lunch earlier this week, which made a nice change from my usual lunch dishes. It was so quick to cook too- only 5 mins from frozen, which is great because I was feeling hungry and lazy!
I still haven't got around to making my Pumpkin pie but I hope to make it soon and I will post a picture of how it turns out!


cosmicwild said...

oo how was the amy meal thingy? ive herd alot about them but never seen them before,what exacily was it?
ommggg your package arived yesterday:D im well excited now, i read the card thoughh ;D
have u got yours yet?
eeek i still havnt even finished off my shopping for my family :o

Emma said...

Ooh I am so glad it arrived! I haven't got your yet but I am sure it will be here soon!

Glad you read the card!

I have only just finished my xmas shopping- I am always a last minute gal too!

The Amy meal was tasty. It was veggies and tofu in a kind of sweet and sour sauce thing with brown rice. It wasn't very filling because I was hungry only a couple of hours later but apart from that no complaints!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooh Emma, I hope you're having a terrific holiday season!!! It's great to hear from ya :o). Don't worry about sending an email anytime soon if you're very busy (haha you know how long it takes ME to send emails!).

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Merry Christmas, Emma!!!