Saturday, 6 December 2008

New yummy eats!

Although I often stick to similar meals I do love trying new things!

Recently, I have bought some new foods to try, which I have really enjoyed.

Here is what I have been eating:

Yummy seitan strips:

I enjoyed them in a spicy tomato sauce over wholewheat couscous:

I also tried frozen soya beans in pasta (I usually eat them cold in salads):

I wasn't quite so keen on this combo actually, I think the beans where a little too crunchy for my liking- I prefer my crunch in cold foods.

I also bought some kamut pasta to try:

I made a macaroni cheeze: (perfect comfort food- especially appreciated as I have a bad cold at the moment :( )

When I was out and about shopping, I needed to grab a quite bite for lunch and managed to pick up this yummy salad- mixed beans with sweetcorn in an olive oil dressing- yummo!Of course I have not forgotten my favourite go-to meal- the stir fry: (this was made with beans, soya mince, spinach, peppers and wholewheat noodles)

Also this week it was my mum's birthday so we went to a local Italian restaurant and I ordered a pizza with veggies (without cheese)- yummy although I would have loved some chilli peppers on them for a bit of heat!

Here is a picture I took of my family during the meal (my dad looks very strange in this photo because he was about to say something and didn't realise I was taking the photo!)

I also have bought this can of pumpkin (yes it really is huge!) and am thinking I will make an American-style pumpkin pie. I have never made (or even eaten) anything like that before so I will be really interested to see how I get on!
Any ideas of what to do with the rest of the pumpkin I have leftover?


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy Birthday to your mum! And feel better soon!

Ooh and send me an email updating how everything is going! :o)

Sanja said...

Pumpkin oatmeal! Just add about 1/4 cup to your oatmeal when cooking - I think it's delicious! Or a pumpkin smoothie...

Where did you find the pumpkin puree?

Emma said...

Thanks CCV- an email will be on the way soon!

Sanja- great idea about the oatmeal. I know a lot of bloggers enjoy it in their breakfasts. I bought the pumpkin from Wholefoods in London. That is the only place I have ever seen it to buy!

cosmicwild said...

oo wowe whats that pumpkin puree thing taste like? .. lol ob pumpkins >.< but like is it sweeter or idk haha.
i knoo i just love pasta :D

aha omg that bob thing made me giggle :D:D

iv got a fmily meal this week so i might make it!! i havnt had any desert for ages actually, i miss it :(

ohh yay im well excited :D:D im guna leave it till christmas day to open it because i love having it there and like oo whats in it, im so imiture ^__^
o im going to have to wait till next week to send yours :( because i tryed to go into this place on sunday but it was closed and i have to wait till sat to go to this other place with my mum unfortuntly so hopfully thats okii :D

could i poss have your adress ready so that as soon as iv got the rest i could send it :D

Sanja said...

Thanks, next time I'm in London I will look there. :-)

cosmicwild said...

mums posting your parcel today:D:D

cosmicwild said...

omgg yaay i was worried that it wasnt going to get there in time :D
ahah i thought u would like that :P
yea i knoow! i didnt think i would meet people through the blog to be honest, actually i realy need to update iv got soo much info typed up and pics done aha but might wait untill after christmas day and do a super massive post, going fir my first drive in my new car in a sec yaaaay :D:D rele happy, ahh ye same its going to be the first thing i open ^___^