Friday, 9 January 2009

My recent eatings...

As usual I have been eating lots of pasta and stir-fry meals in the past couple of weeks. They aren't very exciting but here are a few piccies:

Above is a stir-fry made with soya mince, mixed veggies and wholemeal spaghetti

Above is a vegan maccie cheese dish made with wholemeal animal pasta, nutritional yeast as well as carrots and broccoli for a nice bit of crunch and extra nutrients!

Above is a stir-fry made with soya chunks, spring greens and is served over some straight-to-wok noodles (egg free of course : )

Above is a pasta dish made with wholewheat penne, soya mince and loads of broccoli!

Above is a noodle dish made with udon noodles, a spicy tomato sauce and tofu.

I also went out for a meal at Nando's with a friend earlier this week ( Although this restaurant chain is known for it's chicken meals, it is possible to get a tasty vegan meal there. They do both 2 burgers (a bean one and a soya one) that are vegan if ordered without mayo. They add a spicy sauce to your burger and you can specify how hot you want it (I always go for extra hot). I enjoyed my burger with a side of chips (you can get healthier sides if you are so inclined but I definitely wanted chips! ; ) )

Here is my meal below:

In snacking news, I have recently tried the bar below as a snack and it was really tasty. It was like a vegan nutri-grain bar (an oaty bake surrounding a sweet blueberry filling). I bought it from Holland and Barrett (a health food shop chain here in the UK). I will definitely be eating this again soon!
I was also lucky enough to be treated to some vegan chocolate cheesecake. I went around to a friend's house recently and he had made some (yes a guy that not only bakes but does vegan baking!!!!)


laci said...

WOW pasta galore! and the bar looks pretty good, did you ever try lara bars? They're all nayural, raw, vegan, tastey and awsome! GOod luck on your jouney in veganism! =)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I love all your pasta meals, emma!

cosmicwild said...

ooo i used to well love udon noodles ! never thought about putting them with a spicy tomato sauce though, i always had them wel bbq ;D aha
wow your so lucky to have a friend that does vegan bakingg :D ohhohh i dont think i told u (aha im getting well excited i duno whyy!) but i made my first vegan tofu cheese cake and even my mum liked it :O! aha xxx