Saturday, 24 January 2009

I am the queen of stir-fries! ; )

So basically I have been eating stir-fries loads! I have been working lots recently and when I get home at 8.30pm they are the easiest thing to prepare and eat! I never get bored with them though because I always add different veggies/ protein/ sauces etc!

Here are some of my recent ones:

This was made with wholewheat noodles, beansprouts, cabbage, carrots, chillies, soya mince and a tin of mixed beans
A similar one with a tin of kidney beans:
This was made with green veggies (apart from the chillies!) and soya chunks:

This was made with chopped up Grassington's 'beef-style steaks' ( (by the way I have ever eaten steak in my life so could not tell if they taste like meat but I think they are yummy, they have a great peppery taste and are really moist)

I also eat pasta on occasion, like this dish which was wholewheat penne in a creamy mushroom sauce

I also used wholewheat penne and mushrooms to make myself another pasta dish but this included soya mince and chillies

Sorry for being boring with my food I will try to post something more interesting next time- maybe some of my other meals or snacks?


cosmicwild said...

woo the stake things look amaze and well yummy :D

ooo oo how did u mak the creamy mushroom sauce?

Emma said...

Yeah they are yummy- you should definitely try them! You can buy some the the Grassington's stuff in Sainsbury's and Morrisons. I think it says on their website actually if you want to check!

The creamy mushroom sauce is made using Soy protein powder as the base (I buy it from Holland and Barret). I then add a mixture of water, soya milk and sometimes some nutritional yeast flakes (these make it 'cheesy tasting'). It isn't really a proper recipe, I just shove it in!

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyy another english blogger!!! there just aren't enough of us around! hahaha. mixed berry is probably my fav trek bar too :) although the peanut one is pretty damn good. thanks for the chili recomendation, i rarely ever look at the 'free from' stuff but will do next timee:) xxx

Vaala said...

Ooo, those all look delicious. Stir-fries are perfect when you get home late...quick, healthy and tasting delicious. What more could you ask?!

aussirish said...

thanks for the comment :)
i got the cliff bars online on a website called . heres a link :

Anonymous said...

definitely get into skins!! even though you're a couple of years older than me i still think you'd like it.. my bro watches it sometimes and he's nearly 21. watch series 1 first tho. it's the best one ;) xxxx

Jemima said...

wow what tasty looking dishes! not boring at all - thanks for commenting on my blog, yay for snow days - isn't it incredible?