Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day Package!

I was soooooo excited yesterday to receive my Valentine's Day package as part of the blogger V-day exchange (arranged by Lee of For The Love Of Peanut Butter- I was lucky enough to receive an absolutely amazing package from the lovely Katie of

Here are the fabulous treats:

They are: 'Fudgy Wudgy Brownies' (from Veganomicon), Candy Bar Bites (gluten-free), Hazelnut Caramel Clusters (also gluten-free) as well as 4 larabars!!

Close-up of the home-made treats: I cannot express how impressed I am that Katie made these herself- all look and taste amazing!)

Close-up of the larabars:

The flavours I received were coconut cream pie, cocoa mole, pistachio and chocolate coconut chew. I had only tried the pistachio flavour before so I was really excited to have the chance to try the other flavours!
I ate the cocoa mole bar today and it was absolutely delicious (my new fave larabar flavour methinks!) I bet Wholefoods in London stocks these so I will have a look next time I go and stock up if they do sell them!
Katie also sent me a lovely letter along with the yummy goodies:

Along with the choccie treats, I have been getting my veggies in. Here is my dinner this evening, which featured a yummy mix of stir-fried veggies from Tesco (cut up and everything so very little prep needed!)

It also featured this sauce:

It is a sample-sized packet of a Peri-peri sauce, which is served in the UK restaurant chain Nando's (which I have blogged about before). They were giving away free samples and vouchers to buy their sauces in the supermarkets!

I actually was not particularly keen on the sauce in my stir-fry. I don't know whether that is because I needed more or whether it just goes best in dishes similar to those served in the restaurant (ie burgers etc). I have not bought a full bottle with my voucher yet but when I do i think I will have to experiment a little to see which dishes it works well with.
The finished dish (served with wholewheat pasta twists and soya chunks)

Anyway enough babbling for now, I am going to relax and watch a good film methinks!


Agnesss =) said...

Hey Emma!!

Great to hear from you again =))Thanks for your nice words!! =)

WooooW you've got LOTS of snow lying around..well,here in Poland..actually it's a similar landscape now hah..and I have to admit I don't like snow in the city that much =// It's great in the mountains were you can ski hah!! =DD

It's great to get stuff in the mail,don't you think..?? It's such a nice feeling =))

Emma,I have a question, would you like to make a GROCERY/FOOD EXCHANGE/SWAP with me..?? Since it's all Europe I think it could be quite ok with the costs hah =)) What do you think..?? =))

Ohh..and another question..!! Do you think we could meet some day?? I'll be heading to London some time in the near you live close to London..?? =))

Hope to hear from you soon!! =))

Enjoy your day!!

Sanja said...

I didn't see the cocoa mole Larabars at Whole Foods, but I did buy them at the Fresh & Wild in Brewer Street. :-)

Agnesss =) said...

Hey Emma!!

Here I am again!! I sent you an email...!! Did you receive it?? =)) I sent it to this one:
Is it ok..??

Waiting for an answer!! =))))


flower said...

They look like some fantastic treats, lucky you. I found 2 laras the other day in Sainnsbusy and I cant wait to try them after hearing so many good things about them on here.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

cosmicwild said...
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cosmicwild said...

that treat package looks well cool :D exspesh the hand made ones!
what were they likee?
ahh ive always wanted to try a pistachio larabarr =( but they dont sell them anywere near me grrr
tescos do well good stirfry mixess, i like the one with soya beans in, have u tried that onee?
haha yeaah i did eat it with thoughs chop sticks! it was entertaing for my family to say the least :D it wasnt as hard eating the rice as i thought as the sauce kinda stuck them together, made it abit of a googy dish which i lovvveeeed :D

cosmicwild said...

i knoo :D i love the sunshine one, makes the house smell soo good when its cooking!
omg realy :D:D because that would be superdoper amazingly yayy :D:D:D;D..:D
i wish tescos did larabars!

cosmicwild said...

oo yea defo :) any sorta bars you havnt been able to try that you wana, like which ones have u tried >.<
umm i dont mind at all i meen iv only ever tried the apple pie one which i thought tasted realy yummy :)
was a gift from one of my friends in hospital :D:D
hhah i love packages makes me all happy :D:D