Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow!!!! (and some food pics!)

It has been snowing loads here recently, which has meant that I have been treated to 2 days off work (Monday and Today- wohoo!)

I thought I would show some pictures of the views around my house:

This is what my drive looked like:

This is what my mum's car was like:

This is the view outside in my backgarden:

Of course I have some food piccies as well:

The usual stir-fries:

The dish above was made with edamame (soya beans). You can buy these frozen now in my local supermarket which is cool!

This dish also involved edamame and some wholewheat pasta shells (I love trying new pasta shapes!)

This dish feature lots of green veggies, soya mince, wholewheat penne and adzuki beans (one of my fave beans I think- great both raw and cooked)

For snacks recently I have been eating lots of my fave bars by Naturalbalancefoods- the nice people who sent me the freebie package!

I love these babies:
This is a trek bar, mixed berry flavour (sorry I don't have my own picture!) Trek bars are protein bars made with 'unsweetened fruit, rolled oats, nuts, soya, spices, and herbal extracts' so no junk in them. They are really yummy!

You can also buy these bars in cocoa and peanut and oat flavours but the mixed berry is my fave.

I have also been eating Nakd bars, made by the same company. I like the apple pie and 'cocoa loco' flavours of these best:

Like all Nakd bars, it is made using just raw fruit and nuts. They do taste just like a brownie but are not sickly at all! I have yet to try these warm but I reckon they would taste amazing warmed up in the microwave!


Anonymous said...

i love treks and nakds. i eat them every day hahaha. never thought of micro-ing them tho thats such a good idea! perhaps tomorrow ;) ive just ordered a massive box off the website so when they arrive i can experiment lol. i can't believe you get EXTRA HOT in nandos!!!! my mouth would legit set on fire! i always get lemon and herb HAHAHA... such a wuss... i like the lemonyness though..
foooods look delicious today :) have a good weekend. xxxxx

flower said...

mmm apple pie nakd bar, yum yum. I had my first 1 today it was so good I couldnt stop thinking about!! Love the snow pictures, they look beautiful

cosmicwild said...

wasnt the snow greattt :D:D college was off it was amaze but my car was super snowed up grr

ooo ooo yea try them heated up,i made this combination the other day and it was amaze, coco powder mixed with soy milk and then use that to make the porridge with then cut up the nakd bar and put it on top of the stuff like in the last min or so of the microwave and then mix it through when u take it out omg its well good haha damn i want that nowww lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for the sweet comment :) yeah I LOVE BUGSYS!! i used to be borderline obsessed with them, no lie.. my username on a forum is 'bugsylover' HAHA oh :') have you tried any of the other flavours? they do a really nice smoked tofu & sweet chili jam sandwich.. i think it's called 'thin lizzy'.. deliciouso! xxxx

Vaala said...

Wow, the snow looks awesome! Sounds like the weather has been crazy over there. My cousin was stranded at the airport in London for a couple of days with that weather.