Monday, 2 March 2009

Stir-fries and exciting links

So, stir-fries have been a regular on my menu, as usual. I have been working lots of evenings recently and I just can never think of anything that is quicker to cook that is still tasty and healthy. I think I should try having other grains with my stir-fries though, I tend to always have noodles but I will try to mix it up in the future and have cous-cous, bulgar wheat, quinoa etc.


Stir-fry with polenta, loads of different veggies and soya mince:
Bit of an odd one, a stir-fry with baked beans (I know weird- but tasty!!), noodles and veggies:

Animal-shaped pasta stir-fry with kidney beans:
This is my 'I will get my 5 a day quota of fruit and veggies even if it kills me' dish (I think I had prob not had mucho fruit and veg during the day so was getting major cravings- ha!):

This is made with wholewheat pasta shells, green beans and mushrooms:

In other news, Katie of ( is generously doing a Jocalat bar giveaway! I have never tried these bars but they are made by the larabar company and involve chocolate so they have got to be good! Here is the link if you want to enter:

I also made one of Katie's yummy recipes! I think that all her recipes look relaly scrummy but I don't have access to a good blender, which unfortunately prevents me making many of them : (
However, I was especially excited by her butternut squash fries recipe (check it out here:
I ate the fries for dinner last night, alongside those Grassington's 'chicken style' nuggets I bought recently. The meal was really scrummy and different from my usual pasta and noodle dishes that I eat so frequently!
Here are some piccies:

Bowl of nuggets:
I really enjoyed these. They had a nice chewy texture and were nice and moist. They tasted relaly yummy too and I will definitely be buying myself some more soon (especially as I ate the whole bag in one go ; ) )

Fries just after baking:
Fries just before being eaten : ) :

Also, I wanted to provide a link to my cousin's online jewelry gallery/shop. She is amazingly creative and handmakes her own fun 'food-themed' jewelery 'for anyone with a sweet tooth'. Here it is to check out:

Back soon!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Thanks Emma, I've entered you!!!! Hope all's well!

Katie said...

You sure do love your stir fry! I like the addition of polenta... very interesting! I'll have to try it soon.

Vaala said...

Oh man, I love fries...and stir fries. Now I must make fries tonight!

cosmicwild said...

your butternut chips look well lush :D it has such a nice flaovor to it :)
im soo sorry about the delay for your parcel :( i actually hadnt been home in a while coz some rele bad stuff happened that ima talk about in my next post but its officialy on its way!!