Friday, 20 March 2009

Vegan goodies!

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some yummy treats lately!

First up is a lovely package from the lovely Agnes of (
Isn't the box so cute?

Here are the goodies:

raw chocolate truffles, raw chocolate (I had never tried raw chocolate before and can say that it is yummy!!)

2 mini loaves of sprouted spelt raisin bread and some nice face packs

I have not eaten the bread yet but look forward to doing so soon! Agnes has given me lots of great ways that I can try having it, which I am eager to try out!

I also made a trip to Wholefoods the other day and got this load of stuff:

Above is canned pumpkin (2 tins because it it sooooo difficult to buy here in the UK so I always buy lots when I get the chance!), 2 tins of refried beans (1 had jalapenos in and was extra scrummy) and I also bought 2 types of noodles to try in my stir-fries: 100% buckwheat ones and ones with buckwheat and sweet potato in.

I haven't tried the noodles yet but I cannot wait to see what the taste and texture will be like!

I am not working this weekend so I am looking forward to doing relaxing and trying some new foods!


cosmicwild said...


omg i swear i have send it!! lol but it probs will take an extra while because i gave it to my mum to put in th post thriough work and they have to go through the posting system there >.< silly thing to do but i get scared sending parcels ( im a weirdo haah)
it should be with you very soon :D:D

love them noodle thingys, there be great in your famous stirfries and with some sauce or somthiung,
would be lush actually with falafal in some sort of spicy sauce
hah im hungry now
loveeeeee xxxx

flower said...

Those noodles sound yum and its nice to see Im not the only who cant find canned pumpkin, I thought it was just me being a bit dim!!!

Vaala said...

I've never seen canned pumpkin here either. I always feel jealous when people post recipes using it!

Jemima said...

Hey hey! Great wholefoods finds - how weird would it be if we bumped into each other one day there? lol!

You are indeed the stir fry queen - I use your art as inspiration ;-) xxxx

Laura said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I love finding new UK blogs to read too :)

The protein frosting stuff is made with the H&B protein, I get the plain one too in the green container.. I just need to figure out how to get it to stay firm as it seems to melt if you leave them standing.. I'll definately blog about it if I figure it out hehe