Friday, 5 June 2009


I have been so lazy with regrds cooking recently! I have been really struggling with my weight gain and have been really determined to get in plenty of calories. Therefore, I have just been thinking about my meals in terms of calories and nutrition, which has meant my food has been fairly unexciting!

Here is an idea of what I have been eating:

I have eaten this meal once before and remember quite liking it but I was not so keen this time. The sauce was quite sweet (although maybe that is normal for teriyaki) and there was not much in the way of veggies. I actually added in some more veggies! It was nice being able to have brown rice though because I rarely eat it due to the long cooking time!

As per usual, stir-fries have been on the menu. The meal above was made with gnocchi, which does make a nice change from pasta and adds a nice soft texture, which is a nice contrast to the crunchy veggies.

Chips!! Now this shows how lazy I really am because I KNOW I could make them myself by chopping up a few potatoes but these are sooo tasty! They are pretty healthy (skins on and the only extra addition to the potatoes is vegetable oil). I have been eating this fairly regularly over the last few weeks, in attempts to gain weight I have been making sure that I eat the whole bag in one go (1kg!!)
On the non-food front, I have been getting really into weight training recently. I now go and lift weights most days of the week and love the feeling of becoming stronger! I can now squat with a barebell that is the same as my own bodyweight!


flower said...

Its not lazy its 'time efficiant'
I have something for you on my blog

Hermen newt said...

i see you're in london - do you ever go to Inspiral cafe in camden? Lots of vegan stuff, recommend it

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