Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mint chocolate= yum!

My lovely flatmate bought me this scrummy bar of chocolate recently:

I had never actually eaten a mint chocolate bar before. I have always been a bit weird about flavours with chocolate but this was really delicious! I enjoyed the whole bar in one sitting (after a yoga class- I think the combination makes for a perfect formula to achieve ultimate relaxation!)


fleur said...

Couldnt agree more mint and chocolate are the perfect partners, so are chocolste and orange, chocolate and hazelnut, chocolate and coconut... I could go on and on :)

Anonymous said...

Montezuma do great vegan chocolate bars too, my favourite is the orange and geranium. Sounds weird, tastes amazing!

fleur said...

O that sounds nice Katie I will look for that one

peony in a nutshell said...

oo i havnt seen thoughs! i saw the choc buttons in white i was like aweseomee
im so glad your back i was getting pretty worried :)
i have a new bloggy now but it wouldnt let me comment on it from it, heres the link though!


Vaala said...


Ooo, I adore mint chocolate but haven't had any in ages. That chocolate sounds delicious.