Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Meals recently and verdict about the seed butter

Pasta- always a regular feature on my menu! It was a bolognaise type sauce made with soya mince, in a tomato sauce, with lots of fresh chillies added for some heat! I served it with wholemeal pasta twists rather than spaghetti because I realized I was out of spaghetti! It would have been a little messy with spaghetti anyway as the sauce was quite runny (I was getting impatient when cooking and couldn't be bothered to wait for the tomato sauce to reduce down!)

Mmm lentils... I knew I fancied lentils for dinner one evening but wanted to do something a little unusual with them. I looked at what I had in the cupboard and saw that I had some black bean sauce. I thought that this could be a good opportunity to try something different so I combined the two and added some more fresh chillies (they were on offer at my local supermarket so I have loads!) I served it over wholemeal cous cous and it was very tasty! It is definitely a combination I would try again! I think perhaps next time I would add in some chopped up sausages, which I think would complement the dish nicely.

As regards the seed butter I purchased, I was not very impressed by the flavour. I was anxious to try it and so just grabbed a spoon and dived in. Unfortunately the taste that greeted me was not a pleasant one! It was almost bitter tasting and had a very gritty texture. After swallowing, I was left with a rather nasty aftertaste and the 'grit' of the butter remained. I needed a drink to get my mouth back to normal! However, I was determined not to let this put me off the spread and have since tried it in porridge (not too bad but peanut butter is definitely nicer), on rye crackers (too much crunch going on) and on toast (the best combination so far- actually pretty pleasant).

Therefore, I do not think I will be purchasing this spread again in the near future! I am very keen to try other spreads though. I plan to make a trip this weekend to the health food shop where I purchased the spread because they have such a huge choice of other spreads. I will post whatever spread I decide to purchase!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

hey girl, did you get my email?

Sorry about the hempseed butter :o/

I just bought almond butter, so hopefully I'll have a better experience than you had with the hempseed one.

Emma said...

Ah hope you like the almond butter, let me know what you think and if it is nice I will give it a try too!

Just got round to checking my emails today (had an exam this morning so just catching up with emails now) I will be writing you a response shortly!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

No worries! As you know, I am definitely horrible about getting back to emails in a timely manner lol! I was just making sure you got mine because of the fact that I've had trouble with it in the recent past.

Hope your exam went well!