Sunday, 4 May 2008

A tasty weekend!

I was feeling pretty stressed out yesterday evening. I did have a good weekend, which I spent at home with my family. It really helped ease my uni stress by getting away from it for a couple of days. Anyway as I so have a nightmare exam tomottow, last night I wanted food that was easy to cook but nice and healthy to keep my brain (and body) well fuelled!

I realised that I hadn't eaten a stir fry in a long time and decided that this meal would be perfect. I was going food shopping anyway so decided to buy the neccessary ingredients. I made my stir fry with tofu, loads of different veggies, udon noodles all mixed together in a black bean sauce. It was really tasty and filled me up nicely : )

Also on my food shopping trips (supermarket and the health food shop) I picked up these treats:
As you can see, I bought: 4 bars of chocolate, two of my favourite Green and Blacks, 2 plain dark chocolate bars (they were buy one get one free!), as well as 3 flapjacks (labelled as giant bars) and 2 raw food bars (also buy one get one free :) )

I have also found a new butter to try! I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new nut butter but in fact found a very tasty looking seed butter to try, organic raw hemp and lindseed butter:

Sorry for the awful picture; you cannot turn the flash off on my camera!
I love the green colour of this spread, it looks like the colour of pesto! I haven't tried it yet but definitely will be sampling some very soon!
Additionally, my very kind mum baked a yummy vegan chocolate cake (and everyone knows that chocolate really helps to ease stress ; )) Here is a picture of my piece:


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ok, it's settled. Next weekend, I'm coming over to your place!

Vaala said...

Have you tried sunflower seed butter? That's really nice too.

There's nothing like chocolate when you need good brain food!

Emma said...

Katie: I very much look forward to having you!

Vaala: No, I have not tried sunflower seed butter. I was thinking about buying sunflower seed butter instead of the butter I chose to purchase but wasn't sure if it would be a little bland. I will give it a go though and give you my verdict!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Nope, no Belsoy here in the US. They USED to sell Belsoy here; in fact, that was my old favorite pudding! But they discontinued it and now only sell it in Canada :o( :o( :o(

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

hey, I will send you an email soooon!

DJ said...

love love love hemp and golden linseed butter, while sunflower seed butter is a dead ringer for peanut butter! Great for using in satay sauces and baking if you know anyone allergic to nuts!