Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I love Mr Man!

There are not many vegetarian restaurants near where I live. However, there is a lovely Chinese Restaurant called Mr Man (strange name I know) that my parents and I have now visited on two occasions.

The first time that we went, we enjoyed a lovely buffet consisting of lots of mock meat dishes, noodles, brown rice, veggies, spring rolls etc. I knew that the restaurant was vegetarian but our server informed us that the whole buffet was vegan! I was literally in heaven!

My parents and I recently returned to the restaurant in the evening, where an A La Carte menu is served, rather than a buffet. We looked at the huge menu and could not decide what to order! We decided to order several dishes and share them so that we could have a taste of lots of different items.

I took pictures of most of our food but I was really hungry so forgot to take a picture of the appetizers. Here are a few food pictures anyway:

This dish is a 'prawn' dish with stir fried vegetables I have to say the taste was a little scary to me because it tasted exactly how I remember seafood as tasting! I had never eaten any mock seafood before either so this was certainly a taste I have not had in a very long time! My parents also enjoyed this dish very much.

These were Singapore-style noodles and were really yummy (I could not believe the noodles did not contain eggs- they didn't taste like rice noodles I have had before) The noodles were cooked with lots of veggies and deep fried tofu pieces:

This was my favourite dish. It was mock chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with lots of crunchy stir fried veggies. It had lots of chillies in so I loved it!

And here is a photo of my omni parents looking happy after eating yummy vegan Chinese food:

I really like this restaurant so we will definitely be taking a trip there soon. My birthday is coming up soon (August 8th) so we might take a trip there then!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hahha I love the name Mr. Man. When my sister and I were little, we called all my dad's coworkers "Mr. Man" because they were all Japanese, and therefore had hard names for us young'uns to pronounce.

Vaala said...

Ah, good old mock meat! It can be a little scary especially when it looks and tastes remarkably like the real thing. But those meals look delicious regardless.

Emma said...

Haha Katie that is soooo cute! And so polite!

Hehee yes I haven't had that experience with mock meat before so I think it must have been very similar in taste, as I haven't eaten meat in about 11 years!

Vaala said...

Hey, I just noticed your birthday is very close to mine (and J's)...go Leos!!