Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Some old faces and some new tasty foods!

My dinners have been the usual pasta and stir fries mostly (I am such a creature of habit!) I'll post a few pics but they aren't too exciting!

Below is an old fave that I hadn't actually eaten for a while- spag bol made with soya mince and ots of chillies because I love it nice and spicy! It was eaten on newspaper so as not to get any sauce on the table (my mum had just cleaned it!)
Below is a tempeh stir fry that I really enjoyed. I thought that tempeh would be just as yummy in a stir fry as it was when I had it with pasta and I was right! It has such a nice texture and makes a nice change from tofu (although I do love tofu in a stir fry!)
Anyway onto some new foods that I have been enjoying:

I really liked the vanilla swedish glace ice cream but I spotted this new flavour in a health food shop and had to try it! I loved it even more than the vanilla. It was creamy but not sickly and had just the right amount of sweetness. Yummy!

I have also been enjoying larabars recently. I had never tried them before but they were on special in a health food shop near me so I bought a few to try.

I was not so keen on the banana bread flavour. The bar contained bananas, dates and almonds. Although I like fresh bananas I don't often enjoy banana in other products. I think this bar was a little too sweet for my liking because of the dates and the bananas. I think just bananas and nuts would have made for a tastier bar.

Despite my dislike for the banana flavour, I liked the pistachio flavour very much! It contained dates, pistachios and cashews. This combo made for a very yummy snack!

I also enjoyed the apple pie flavour. It contained dates, walnuts, unsweetened apples, almonds, raisins and cinnamon. I sometimes find that cinnamon can be a little overpowering but I certainly didn't find this to be the case with this bar. It was nice and sweet and I liked the nuts in the bar for a little crunch. I will definitely be purchasing this flavour again!

I know that there are many other flavours of larabar but sadly I haven't seen any other flavours available in any health food shops near me. I will be on the hunt though and will post about any other flavours I try.

Another snack I enjoyed trying were these:

These were basically crisps made from lentil flour with added spices. I am not usually much of a crisp person (I tend to prefer sweet snacks) but I polished off the whole tub so I guess I must have liked them ; ) They reminded me of pringles, which I used to like (pre-vegan days):


Katy said...

Apple pie is my absolute FAVORITE larabar. Yum!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oooh I wish I could send you some of the chocolate Jocalat Larabars or the chocolate-coffee ones. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazingly good!

CeciLiA said...

Ugh .. I'm a creature of habits too!! Boo for creativity!! ;0)

Oh my, I wish I could have some Larabars here :0/ Yum!

Emma said...

katy- another fan! great!

ccv- meee too!

cecilia- shame you don't get larabars over there but at least you are a great baker so can whip yourself up yummy treats in the kitchen. I totally suck in the baking department!

Vaala said...

Oooo, I love temeph in anything which surprised me 'cause I always thought it looked gross so took a while to try it. Now it's even more of a staple here than tofu!

Cool you finally found lara bars. They are delicious! Being a huge ginger fan I like the Ginger Snap bar bestest.

Vaala said...

Sorry I haven't sent the recipe's been mad lately. Hopefully later this week okay?

mi said...

i'm so glad i came across your blog! i'm a student in london too :) do you do much food shopping when you're in london, during term time? i'm not a full-on veg/vegan but not a very keen meat eater either! hopefully we can share some good food/shop/cafe finds since i'm always reading about great places and foods in the US that i can't get to :/ i study at a place really close to the whole foods store in high st. ken which is a big plus though :)

Emma said...

vaala- I am definitely a tempeh convert. It is just a shame it is harder to track down than tofu (which they stock a my local supermarket). No probs about the recipe- whenever you get a chance is just fine!

mi- hello! It is great to 'meet' you! I am sooooo jealous that you live near whole foods market- I have never actually been there! I live just outside London (Hertfordshire) so do most shopping there in Tesco or Holland and Barret.

I am going out to eat at a restaurant in West Kensington on Friday (222veggievegan)I've never been before but I'm really excited as the whole restaurant is vegan and the menu looks yummy! Have you ever been before?

cosmicwild said...

never tryed larabar's before! saw them in a shop though think it was julian graves or somthing but they dont look like there big enough to fill me up! must get some though :D
the crispy things look intresting aswell im always willing to try healthy crisps :D haha