Thursday, 31 July 2008

Things that are tasty for stir fries and a treat for myself

I am always eating stir fries (as anyone who reads this regularly knows!) but recently I have tried a few new things in them, which I have enjoyed.

First up is a Hot Pepper Creole sauce, which is really scrummy! I have never tried it before. It is quite tangy and gives my stir fry a nice kick! It makes a nice change from the usual sauces I use so I will definitley be buying it again!

Here is a tofu and veggie stir fry using the sauce:

Next up is a Chow Mein mix I bought from a local health food shop. The box contains dried wholewheat noodles with dried veggies (I thought that was weird) and a spice mix. I thought this would be great for when I was feeling especially lazy as the whole thing cooks in about 5 minutes!
The noodles were short and curly and looked really cute. Here is my stir fry with added tofu pieces:

Although the packet was fairly tasty for an instant mix, it didn't have loads of flavour and I think I prefer adding fresh or frozen veggies rather than dehydratying dried ones! However, I think it is good for when I haven't got many veggies to hand and fancy a stir fry.

I also tried using hummous as a stir fry sauce. My mum bought me a few mini tubs of different flavours of hummous. The flavours were lemon and corriander, caramalized onion and roasted red pepper. I don't really eat sandwiches much (just not much of a bread girl) so I fancied using them in my all-time favourite dish- the stir fry!

I thinned out the hummous mixture with a little water and then threw it in with my veggies and tofu. I tried all of the different flavours and I think that lemon and corriander and the red pepper ones worked best. I would definitely use hummous again in a stir fry!

Also I have been on the hunt for new snacks and decided to treat myself to some treats from

I ordered a dozen Clif builder bars! These bars are not available in the UK but I really wanted to try some so decided to go for it! I would have treated myself to some other items (they also sell a white chocolate peanut butter that I have my eye on) but the shipping was really expensive!

I bought 3 different flavours to try: chocolate, cookies and cream and peanut butter. So far I have just tried chocolate and it was really tasty. The bar was like a chewy brownie inside and was covered in chocolate. I couldn't believe it was actually healthy! The nutritional information is seriously impressive:

The box isn't going to last me long.... ; )


mi said...

i'm a huge fan of hummus, i must try it in a stir fry sometime! i love noodles :)

cosmicwild said...

that mix looks well cool ive never beeen able to buy anything like that before u must have well good shops around your area! i wish i could order things from that site but i alway worry that my money details would get stolen or somthing >.<
was the load you ordered realy expensive? because i love snicker type things and realy miss things like that expesh white chocolate (which is my fave and i think id do anything to try some :( )
omg i knoww! the custard was so yummy i like had the rest of the container in the eavning :D defently buying it again!!

yea im a little nervous about the centre thingy :/ i just dont want to be there too long as im alot better than i was and weigh alot more than i used too its just a shame its not quite enough yet, weird to think its only in a couple hours and i kno im going to get realy bored there and stuff as i havnt told any of my friends im going haha which is abit odd i guess :p
il add you on msn (idk if u actually have it haha)

Vaala said...

Yeah hummus in stir fries actually works surprisingly well. I remember trying it once when I had some left over hummus needing using and it was really good. You've reminded me to try it again now!

Those Clif bars sound really delicious. I never really noticed them when I lasted ordered from Vegan Essentials. Hmmm, maybe next time (I think I pretty much order for the white chocolate peanut butter alone but you're right, shipping is very expensive).

MTB Vegan said...

The builder bars are awesome!

Vaala said...

Oh dear, just realised I totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday for last Friday :). Life needs to get a little less crazy!