Saturday, 30 August 2008


I have just returned from a lovely holiday to Lake Garda, Italy, with my family! We booked a last minute deal (my family nearly always do this) and we quickly packed up our stuff and made for Italy!

During the holiday, we stayed in a small town close to the Lake but also visited Venice and Verona. I was actually a little disappointed by Venice as I was expecting to be blown away by its beauty but I felt that it was very tourist-y. It certainly did not help that it was really busy but you had to be really careful in all the restaurants and cafes, especially around the centre, that you did not get ripped-off. However, I absolutely loved Verona. It is such a beautiful place. The buildngs are beatifully preserved and the modern city is a lovely contrast to the old buildings and landmarks. I would definitely love to return there some day.

The weather there was very hot and the Lake was really beautiful. Food-wise, it was not so great as a vegan because the holiday was half-board and the hotel food was not particularly vegan friendly. This was because all of the pasta was made with egg and the main course each night was meat/ fish and potatoes. Still, they had a salad bar which always had some beans, so I managed to get something every night. For my lunches, I also found that pasta was not an option because of the egg, or the waiting staff did not understand that I was asking about egg in the pasta, rather than the sauce (lesson- learn the phrase for I am allergic to... rather than just the words for egg, milk etc). However, I did get to enjoy some seriously yummy vegetable pizzas without cheese!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my holiday:



View of Lake Garda:


My family:

And me:


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, I can't believe there was egg in all the pasta. That sucks... when I went to Italy, I found it really easy to be vegan, so I'm sorry you had such trouble. Did you at least find some vegan gelato? That was one of the best parts!

Emma said...

I know I was a bit disappointed as I do love my pasta! I think it was just in the region I happened to be in.

Vegan gelato? I didn't even know that existed! I didn't see any as when I asked in most places they all seemed to contain milk : ( seems like I was just unlucky!

mi said...

those pizzas look great! but i'm sorry you couldn't have any pasta....

i've been to both venice and verona, and loved them both - did you go to the romeo & juliet balcony place in verona? i saw an opera in the open verona arena, which was incredible.

Emma said...

mi- I did see the Romeo and Juliet balcony, next to the statue where people place their hand on Juliet's boob for good luck! It was really busy but definitely worth seeing!

Vaala said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. The photos are beautiful. That intricate old building in Verona is amazing. I'm SO jealous!! :P

cosmicwild said...

hii :) yea its good to be back home for abit, hopfully the weight will still go up even though im now alergic to wheat as well soits pretty difficult finding things, thankfully the "free from" sections have like crumpets and pancakes and stuff so its ok :)
italy sounded realy nice, its anoying u couldnt find much vegan things, in florence there was loads of pasta but u had to cook it
glad u had a nice time thoughh :D