Friday, 15 August 2008

I like birthdays!

So, it was my birthday last Friday (I turned the ripe old age of 20 so have officially left my teenage years behnd me!) Anyway, my lovely friend decided to treat me to a meal out at a restauarant of my choosing! I just knew that I wanted to try this place: 222veggievegan! As the name implies, the whole menu is completely vegan! I was so excited and kept looking at the menu before I went because I knew that I was going to have such a hard time selecting what I wanted to order!

We shared some garlic bread to start but we were both pretty hungry so dived in before I remembered to take a photo!

For my main course, I chose the Pasta with wild mushrooms (Wild mushrooms, wholemeal pasta and leek well sautéed, turned in lime, fresh herbs, and finished off with cashew cream. An excellent combination). It was so yummy, really creamy, yet not heavy at all. Sadly, I managed to lose the photo I took of my meal : (

My friend chose the 222burger (Organic tofu and veggie mince burger on a wholemeal roll, served with fresh leaf salad, oven-baked chips, and home-made ketchup.) My friend is a vegetarian yet doesn't eat much tofu so I wasn't sure that she would like the burger but she loved it! I did manage to take a photo of her meal:

Also on my birthday, my mum baked a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate butercream-style frosting. They were really yummy and devoured quickly by me and my family!

A few days after my birthday, it was my dad's birthday so my mum whipped up yet another batch of vegan cupcakes. This time, she made lemon ones, by modifying the chocolate recipe. She was a little unsure about how they would turn out but all was okay! My mum will definitely be requested to make these again sometime soon!

And lastly, here is a picture of my dad about to blow out his candles!


CeciLiA said...

HAPPY (BELATED)BIRTHDAY 20TH EMMA!! May all your wishes come true!! Sounds like you had a great birthday and it is awesome that you celebrated yours with yummy vegan food!!! :-DD

Oh wow, your mum is such a great baker - yummy cupcakes!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy happy birthday, my wonderful friend!!!! Looks (and sounds) like you had a terrific celebration!

Vaala said...

Those cupcakes look awesome. Your Mum sounds real sweet and clearly quite a baker.

Wow, that restaurant sounds awesome. I've never been to a totally vegan restaurant before.

Good to hear you had such a lovely birthday.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

No worries about the email. You KNOW I am a super-slow responder ;o).

VeganCowGirl said...

happy happy birthday! 222 - a great choice to celebrate, and uber nice mom of your mom to make vegan cuppiecakes!