Sunday, 2 November 2008

Back from the festival!

I really am lucky to have parents that are so supportive of my veganism. My mum is always happy to whip up a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes and yesterday my dad showed his support by accompanying me to a Vegan festival in Wolverhampton.

When we arrived in Wolverhampton, I got very excited when I saw this sign:

The festival was inside and consisted of about 40 stalls selling a wide range of different vegan items, with everything from food to cosmetics. They also had various speakers, who were giving talks on an array of topics.

My dad and I went to a Nutrition lecture given by Dr Stephen Walsh PhD (nutrition spokesperson for The Vegan Society and author of Plant Based Nutrition and Health). He covered the basics of good vegan nutrition and then allowed the audience to ask any questions. It didn't really teach me anything new but it was good to reinforce the importance of a healthy diet. I was impressed that Dr Walsh also talked about the importance of eating well within the context of a healthy lifestyle.

The festival was really busy so was it tricky to take any pictures there but I took some of the items that we came back with!

Pictured below is what we bought:

Soy jerky (BBQ flavour), a wallet with the vegan society logo (my dad bought this for me as a surprise present!) and a teddy bear (for my sister).

I had never tried soy jerky before and really loved the taste and texture! They had a nice flavour and were satisfyingly chewy. Sadly, I think this jerky is only available online but I think I will have to order myself some soon anyway!

Here is a picture of my sister with her bear:

Just in case you can't see what is written on the bear's t-shirt:

My sister is a big fan of French Connection (FCUK) so we thought it would make her laugh!
Here is me with my wallet and jerky:

We also bought two cupcakes back for my sister and my mum but they were gobbled up before I managed to take a picture! I took that as a good sign that they liked them though ; )


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay for cupcakes! Why didn't you get a cupcake, silly?

Emma said...

CCV: Don'tworry, I didn't miss out! I was more than happy with all the free chocolate samples I got in my goody bag! ; )

cosmicwild said...

omg i wish i had gone to somthing like that! but nothings that local to me :( your pretty lucky to have such a suportive family :D my mums always like... why are u taking pics of your weirdo food haha
was it pretty packed?
yee i stoped all animal type products again now :) my doctor was stopping me up till now for my weight but i got the all clear today to eat what i want :p just as long as i dont loos any weight so its all good and il be back to my old foods yay :D xx

Serena said...

I'm with CCV. Why no cupcke for you? Were they not vegan? It says on your profile that you are trying to gain weight, and that seems like a good thing to eat for it :)

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey!!

It must have been a great experience to participate in this Festiival =)) Great what you get there!! =)))

Well...I'm curious ..where in England do you live?? =))

I'd be VERY happy to see a comment from you on my new post =)))

Have a nice time!!