Sunday, 23 November 2008

Simple meals...

Recently I have been finding work particularly draining so my meals have been pretty simple and boring. Despite this, I have still found them enjoyable!

A lot of my dishes have featured the addition of this sauce. It is scrummy; nice and spicy and gives any dish a really good kick! It is made with peppers and vinegar.

Below is a pasta dish made with wholewheat pasta twists, tomato sauce and soya chunks (they do not have a lot of flavour but have a great chewy texture that I love)

Next up is polenta chopped up in a spicy bean chilli made with tvp and mixed beans- it was really yummy!

The next dish features a new product I recently tried, purchased from Tesco. They are large patties made with butternut squash, chickpeas, potatoes, seeds, cranberries and lots of veggies. I wanted to try them but I fancied pasta so I decided to mash 'em up and have them as a pasta sauce.

Here is what they look like smashed up in my pasta:
I was not overly keen on these roasts as they tasted quite sweet (I think due to the addition of maple syrup as well as the butternut squash) but they did have a nice texture so I might try them in a more conventional meal next time (with a jacket potato or something perhaps).

I will hopefully be cooking some less boring meals soon!


Vaala said...

Ooo that's something I haven't used in ages. All the possibilities!

What are soya chunks? They sound really interesting.

Never thought of using patties as anything other than, well, patties! A very interesting idea.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay pasta!

cosmicwild said...

ah i saw thoughs thingys in tescos and thought "I saw these ;D" aha but i checked the back and they have wheat in so i cant eat them
:( argh

i love that polenta meal you made, did u use pre packaged polenta? thats what i always usee its great.
and stop worrring your food never looks boring :p


Emma said...

Vaala- soya chunks are made from soya flour so are basically like TVP but 'chunky!'. They take a little extra soaking than mince but are a really nice texture and really versatile.

cosmicwild said...

yee just wheat free stuff rele :)

ooo oo oo i went out somewere tonight which was way christmasy with my family and got some of your stuff for your little boxy :D mum helped me lol
hope your okayy