Saturday, 8 November 2008

Good and not so good eats!

Ah it is so nice to have the internet back! We lost it completely for a few days earlier this week and I missed reading all the blogs! Luckily, we got it back late on Friday night but I am still catching up on what I have missed!

This past week's eats have not been very exciting (no change there ; 0 ). I have been pretty busy (working over 45 hours) and so my food has not been very imaginative. However, I have enjoyed eating most of my meals and they have been healthy, which is good!

Remember that tofu pasta I bought from wholefoods? I loved it! I enjoyed it with a sauce made from the canned pumpkin (also from wholefoods) and some dried soya mince (for a nice bit of texture). It was sooo nice! I am definitely going to buy some more soon!

Also, I tried the Cherry pie larabar I picked up from Wholefoods. I am sorry to say I didn't like it! I found it very sweet and a little too bitter for my liking! I was really disappointed because I was expecting to really like it! : ( I will not be buying this flavour again! I found out from work yesterday that there is a market stall nearby that sells larabars really cheaply (4 for £1!!) so I am going to check that out soon and see which flavours they have! I think I will probably buy one of everything they have- haha!

I have eaten curry twice this week. I made one myself, using this Jalfrezi sauce:

It was bought from a health food shop and I was excited to try it because I find that lots of curry sauces contain milk : ( I was expecting to really like it because it said that it was really spicy. I used chicken-style soya pieces to make a curry with this sauce and served it over wholewheat couscous.

Unfortunately, I found the sauce to be pretty tasteless and it wasn't even that spicy! : ( I will not be purchasing this brand of sauce again.

Luckily, I did get the opportunity to eat a really tasty curry this week! I went for a meal at Wetherspoons ( Wetherspoons is a pub chain here in the Uk that is known for it's bargain prices and usually pretty decent food! Until recently the only vegan item on their menu was chips, which can be nice every now and then but don't really make a a very satisfying as a meal on their own!

However, recently I noticed that they had added a Sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry (vegan if ordered with extra poppadums instead of naan bread). The description of the dish sounded good: 'An award-winning dish with sweet potato, fried and tossed in a rich coconut sauce with chickpeas and spinach, served with yellow basmati rice, naan bread, mango chutney and poppadums. ' I was eager to try the new dish so asked a friend if she fancied going there for a meal and drinks.

Here is a photo I took of the meal:

This meal did not disappoint! It had lots of flavour and the textures really worked well together! I think chickpeas and spinach go really nicely together and the sweet potato was great as it made the dish really filling and satisfying. I would definitely order this again!

My friend also bought me a t-shirt, which I love! It really made me laugh! She knows my taste in clothes so well! Here is a picture of the t-shirt:

And here is a photo of my lovely friend (I think she was feeling a bit shy : ) )


Sanja said...

O wow, where is that market stall that sells four Larabars for 1 pound?!

mi said...

aw i'm sorry you didn't like that larabar - i don't like that flavour either, but then again i don't like cherry-flavoured anything :D my faves are cashew cookie, Pb cookie & coconut cream pie! 4 for one pound??? are you kidding??? WOw!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey Emm!! =))

Well,well...SOOO SOORRY you didn't like the LARABAR =((

I found it soo yummy...=))

Well that shows HOW MANY DIFFERENT TASTES are there in the world hah =D

Ohh all the eats sound tasty..=))

And the SHiRT...SOOO Cool!!! FUN!!

=DD I've got a question to you!! Do they sell EZEKIEL BREAD there in the UK in Whole Foods..??? =))

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!

If you want pls come to visit my new post later =))

Emma said...

sanja- the stall is apparently at St Albans Market, which is in Hertfordshire, just outside London.

Mi-I haven't tried any of those flavours, cashew cookie sounds especially yummy! I hope the stall has some of them!

Agnesss- I am not sure whether they sell that bread at Wholefoods. I will have a look next time I go there and let you know! I was so overwhelmed by everything that they had there I am sure there are loads of items that I missed!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I don't like the cherry pie larabars either. Try the Jocalats. If you can't find them, I will send you some. Let me know!

P.S. How is everything going?

Vaala said...

Bummer about the cherry larabar. That's my friend's favourite flavour and I like them all!

That tofu pasta sounds awesome. Haven't seen anything like that around here but you never know what you find if you keep your eyes peeled!