Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Chilli- a new twist with an old favourite

I always like to try different things with my meals, just to ring the changes. I knew that I fancied chilli for dinner this evening but knew that I didn't have any soya mince in so decided to use some firm tofu instead.

I crumbled up the tofu, browned it in a pan and then added a jar of chilli sauce (very lazy I know!) It was really yummy! The tofu has a much softer texture than mince does but it was good. I served it over brown rice, which I haven't eaten for ages because of how long it takes to cook! I would definitely make this dish again, although I think I would freeze the tofu beforehand and then defrost it to remove some of the extra water to give it a slightly chewier texture.

Anyway you can see a photo of my dinner below:

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