Monday, 4 February 2008

Tasty vegan goodies!

I went home from uni to visit my family this weekend, which was really lovely. I hadn't been home since the Xmas hols so it was nice catching up properly.

Anyway onto the food:
Over the weekend my mum very generously treated me to all these vegan treats from various places! I got 3 flapjacks in different flavours, some tasty lemon and chilli mixed seeds, a bar of dark chocolate, some chocolate coated sesame snaps and 2 nakd bars. The nakd bars are actually a pretty healthy treat as they contain no added sugar, or any artificial ingredients and are mainly made from raw fruit and nuts which is great!

I have eaten 2 of the flapjacks already because they are so yummy! They are really moist but not at all greasy and nicely sweet without being sickly. I will definitely be stocking up on some more soon!

I can't wait to try the other treats!

I also did some baking over the weekend. I decided to make some peanut butter and chocolate cookies. They were based loosely on this recipe:

The only alterations I made was to substitute 1/2 cup of flour for half a cup of cocoa powder to make them chocolatey and I used sunflower oil instead as I didn't have any canola oil. I also didn't bake them for as long because I like my cookies to be quite chewy!

My family gave them the thumbs up (even my sister who claims to dislike peanut butter) and I thought they were pretty tasty! The cookies were moist and chocolately without being too rich. As they were so easy to make I think I would definitely make them again.

I enjoyed another stir fry for my dinner tonight, this time made with tofu, loads of veggies and a szechuan spicy tomato sauce. I decided to serve it over wholewheat pasta rather than noodles just for a change!

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

What a nice mom :o). And the stir fry looks super!