Tuesday, 19 February 2008

More pasta and a curry!

I'm still loving pasta at the moment!

The picture below is of a lovely meal that I enjoyed at Zizzi, an Italian restaurant near me. The dish was called Penne alla Pineta and consisted of spinach, mushrooms and pinenuts in a thyme and garlic olive oil sauce. It was yummy but I wish there had been a little more of it!

Next is a dish I made for myself last night. It was green lentils in a creamy mushroom sauce with wholewheat spaghetti. It was quite nice, although the sauce was a little runny as I overestimated the amount of liquid that the lentils would absorb! However, the dish was very different from what I usually make with lentils (usually a tomato based curry) so it was a welcome change!

Just to prove that I have been eating dishes which do not involve pasta, below is a picture a curry! It was made with kidney beans, and lots of brussel sprouts (one of my fave veggies!) and was with Rogan Josh curry sauce (from a can as usual!). I served it over brown rice (which I overcooked slightly as can be seen from the picture!). I enjoyed it very much though and hopefully the spicyness might scare off the cold I have at the moment!


Happy Herbivore! said...

At first I thought it said "pasta and curry" as in together and I though to myself, now that is a fresh idea!

Clearly I just can't read. In any event... I eat pasta just about every day for lunch and would eat it probably ever night! its so wonderful! Glad to see I'm not the only pasta-head!

Emma said...

Hehee pasta and curry is certainly a novel idea! Perhaps I will have to try that combo one time!

Yes pasta certainly is scrummy- there are just so many different things you can do with it so it never gets boring!