Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New foods!

Although I tend to eat similar meals day in and day out I do love trying new foods! Here is a selection of foods I have recently eaten:

First up is a new product- alpro cheese! It is similar in texture to cream cheese but has quite a tangy taste so reminds me of what I remember cottage cheese as tasting like:

I have enjoyed it both with salads and in pasta dishes like the one below:

I have also been enjoying stir-fries made with this spicy sauce. It is really tangy and gives any dish a fab kick:

Although I do love tofu and tempeh, I do enjoy a bit of mock meat every now and then! I really like these 'chicken style' pieces. I have no idea whether they taste like chicken (it has been so long since I have eaten meat) but they have a nice chewy texture and absorb flavours really nicely.

Here is a stir-fry using the chicken pieces, with wholewheat pasta and loads of veggies! :

I have also eaten some meals that have not included noodles or pasta : 0 ! (this is a pretty new thing for me haha!)

First up is nachos made with soy and flax corn chips, soya mince, tomatoes and lots of fresh chillies:

Next is tonight's dinner- polenta pizza!

It was made using ready-made polenta (as the base), tinned tomatoes and nutritional yeast (for the sauce) and soya sausages for the topping.

This was really yummy and perfect comfort food for the horrible weather here today (wet and miserable : ( )

Sorry for the rubbish picture- the sausages started falling off the pizza because the polenta base was not very even!

Lastly is a sweet treat I found in a local health food shop- a vegan cookie! It also happened to be wheat free (I can't remember the flour it was made from- I think I was more anxious about gobbling it up!) It was nice and sweet (but not sickly) and had a nice chewy texture. I think it would also be great warm so I might buy one to heat up at home next time (this one did not last long enough- I think I will have to buy multiple next time!)


mi said...

so good to read about things i can actually buy! everything sounds amazing. i have to ask though, where did you find nutritional yeast? i know of lots of great recipes that ask for it and i've never seen it anywhere. also, i cam confirm that these vegan cookies taste absolutely divine when quickly popped into the microwave!! i love them!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oooh I used to eat that brand of sunflower cookies all the time, before my Whole Foods stopped selling them. I loved 'em-- I would crumble it up and pour soymilk on it and eat it like granola. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm haha ;o)

Vaala said...

That cheese sounds fascinating. Don't think we have that here but I'll look out for it.

We had nachos the other night too...yours look delicious. And polenta pizza? Now that's something I haven't made in ages. You're inspiring me now! We don't have ready-made stuff here though so I have to spend ages stirring the damn stuff over the stove...but it's so worth it.

Emma said...

mi- http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/579698_Marigold_Engevita_Nutritional_Yeast_Flakes__125g.html

This is the brand that I buy. I buy it form a place called Victoria Health Foods, an independent health food shop in Watford, Herts. According to the vean society. There is a number for Marigold Health foods you could try ringing to see if a shop near you sells it:
Tel: 020 7388 4515.'

Katie: mmmm cookies granola style sounds good- I will try that! (maybe with chocolate soya milk ; ) )

Vaala: Have a look for that cheese, it is really tasty I hope you can find it! Nachos are good aren't they? You should definitely make a polenta pizza soon, I am sure it will be worth all the effort!