Sunday, 5 October 2008


I have to admit I am a lazy cook!

I hate spending ages in the kitchen cooking something (the eating is always the best part of the cooking process : ) ) Therefore, I usually opt for meals which are easy to prepare, such as pasta and stir-fry dishes (as anyone who reads this regularly will know!) I do always try to ensure that my meals are healthy though and I try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible. However, this last week I have been working 2 jobs so my meals have not always been so healthy! Here is an example:

Pictured above is a Madras curry using a can of curry sauce, soya mince and served with chips on the side (they only take 3 mins in the microwave wohoo!) Although this meal was not so healthy (lack of veggies and no wholegrains!) it was very tasty and filled me up nicely!

Not all my meals are so low in veggies though. Here is a picture of a spaghetti and tempeh dish, in a tomato and veggie sauce:
And a couple of creamy pasta dishes with veggies:

This was made using wholemeal spaghetti, cabbage, leeks and a sauce made from soya milk, nutritional yeast and some soy protein powder.

This dish was made using wholemeal noodles, sweetcorn and spinach. I used some unflavoured soya mince in this sauce because I was fancying a slightly chewy texture.

I also thought that I would post a snack a tried yesterday. I usually love all things chocolatey (that should definitely be made into a real word) so I opted for this choccie bar when browsing in a local health food shop:

Since my experience of a no added sugar carob bar, I have not been so keen to try other products without sugar. However, this shop does not stock many chocolate bars and all of the ones they had in store were made without sugar. I decided to try this bar made with hemp seeds, which I thought would add some nice crunch. However, I was a little disappointed. I loved the rich taste due to the high cocoa solid percentage of the bar but I was not so keen on the hemp part! I think hemp is perhaps a little to healthy to have in a chocolate bar! ; )

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha you know I am right there with you on being lazy!!!

lol and I was wondering why you would go for a no-sugar-added chocolate bar, as it doesn't sound good to me either! Too bad they didn't have any regular, yummy chocolate bars. Boo to them!