Thursday, 30 October 2008

Crazy weather and my first trip to Wholefoods!

The weather is still so cold here. However, the other day it actually snowed, which is definitely unusual for October! I took some pictures of the view from my house:

Just outside my front door:

The back garden:
My mum scraping her car!

As you can see, the snow was pretty thick! This meant the roads were a bit of a nightmare for a little while. Luckily, the sun eventually melted the snow, which meant it was easier to get out and about, although it certainly didn't look as pretty!
Also this week, I was so excited because I took my first trip to Wholefoods in London! I had the day off work (half term holidays so no school and no library work) so my mum and I went up to London for the day! I have been desperate to go to Wholefoods for ages so I could not wait to get there!
On the way, we passed this shop:

Sorry for the rubbish picture but it was a shop called Tofu! Sadly, it had closed down but the name made me smile!
This display made me very excited! I had never seen so many flavour of Larabars before!

I could have bought sooo much stuff there but I managed to control myself because otherwise I would have spent too much money! Next time I will have to take an icepack and cool-bag so that I could take home some frozen items. They had Amy's frozen meals, which I didn't even know you could buy here!
Here is what I decided to purchase:

A multigrain loaf (it was a whole loaf but my parents had already eaten some before I took the picture!), a cherry pie larabar (I can't wait to try this!), refried black beans (usually refried beans are made from pinto beans), canned pumpkin (never seen this before- ever!), soft silken tofu (for dessert- making purposes methinks ; ) and some pasta filled with tofu and spices!
I was especially excited about the pasta because I used to like eating cheese-filled pasta in my pre-vegan days, so I hope that this will be a great substitute!
We also picked up a slice of chocolate cake for my sister (sadly it was not vegan). She was very happy with it though!


mi said...

you went to whole foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! i know that tofu shop, didn't know it had closed though. i'm amazed that you managed to refrain from buying too much - i alllways overspend when i'm there.

can't believe you had snow already! well, i can, considering how cold it is....

Agnesss =) said...

HEy Emma!! =))

Thx for commenting on my blog =))

OH MY GOD!!!! That's my dream to go to WHOLE FOODS!!! =D I was in London once but it was in my pre-vegan days...ehh!! =/

I think I'll take an airplane and fly by to shop there for a while..!! Not a bad idea,don't you think??! =)) hah!!

Definitely try this LARABAR!! It's delicious!! =D

Can you get THE EZEKIEL BREADS there at WHOLE FOODS??? =)) Hope soo..!! I'd LOVE to try them..
Pls let me know!!


Hope you're enjyoing your Friday!! =))