Friday, 17 October 2008

Salads and comfort food!

Although the weather is getting really cold here I still enjoy eating salads sometimes. In fact many veggies, like carrots, I actually prefer the taste and texture of raw. I don't just put veggies in my salads though- I make them substantial! Recently, I have been loving salads made with this basil tofu:

The tofu is made with olive oil and has lots of herbs added to it. It is perfect for me, who could never be bothered to do that with regular tofu! It tastes really nice in salads, like the one I made below:

I have also been enjoying some salads with fresh soya beans added in:

However, when the weather is chilly, I enjoy eating foods that are warm and comforting. When I think of comfort food, one food item always comes to mind: pasta!

1: Macaroni cheese made with nutritional yeast and wholewheat animal-shaped pasta:

2: Wholewheat spaghetti with a creamy tomato sauce made with nutritional yeast and a can of chopped tomatoes

Sometimes, I don't have enough time to cook pasta so go my favourite stand-by meal: a stir-fry:

This was made using chopped up soya sausages, peppers, cabbage, leeks and was served in black bean sauce over wholewheat noodles. I should have used a larger bowl but I was too lazy to transfer the food once I had cooked it!


Agnesss =) said...


So nice salad ideas!!!!!!! Great inspiration!!! I LOVE IT!!

Actually I LOVE to eat salads now!! :) Even if it's getting colder...I just enjoy the RAW state more then cooked :))

Well..I've just started my own blog!! Wuld be so happy to see a comment from you!!! :)) Pls visit me on

Hope for your visit!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

mi said...

basil tofu?! interesting! i love big bowls of pasta - yours are calling my name :D

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I love pre-seasoned tofu too! I just wish we could get some of those products you enjoy in England... but I guess you probably feel the same way about US-only products.

Emma said...

mi- I'd whip you up a nice big bowl of pasta anytime!

ccv- I am lucky to have access to pre-seasoned tofu stuff here! Interestingly, the basil tofu is actually from France and most of the information on the packaging is written in French! You are right about the US only products- vegan frozen waffles, Amy's frozen meals and Clif bars! ; )

Vaala said...

Do you have to cook the basil tofu first before putting it in a salad? It sounds delicious either way. And that last stir-fry? Making me drool! I have a real soft spot for soy sausages! Probably the kiwi in me loving a good old BBQ (as long as it's all vegan-friendly of course)!