Saturday, 19 January 2008

Exams are over- back to regular blogging!

Although I haven't been very inventive with my meals of late I have been enjoying them! I have mainly been making things that are very quick to prepare and the curry above is one of those meals.

The sauce was shop-bought and was a Rogan Josh curry sauce so was a nice tomato based one that is medium in terms of spicyness. Unfortunately I didn't have any fresh chillies in otherwise I would certainly have added them to give it an extra chilli kick but I still enjoyed the meal nonethless. I used a can of beans (unfortunately I now cannot remember what type they were!. I served the curry over bulgar wheat as usual (cooks in only 10 minutes!) and added carrots, green beans and cauliflower to the curry. I always add vegetables very near the end because I really like them pretty crunchy!

Last night I was really worried about my exam today (which actually wasn't too bad luckily : ) ) so was craving comfort food for dinner!
I knew I wanted to have something involving my favourite 'cheese' but wanted to make something other than macaroni and cheese for a change. So I decided to make a tomato and cheese sauce with a tin of chopped tomatoes and the cheese. I decided to serve it with ready cooked noodles for quickness. The noodles were udon noodles so were lovely and soft and went well with the consistency of the sauce. Overall I was pleased with how it turned out- it certainly hit the spot for me and was very speedy to make!

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