Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Baking disaster!

As I am not very confident at baking I decided to pick up a cake mix at the supermarket the other day. The mix was for 'fairy cakes' which I thought would be difficult to mess up. The box stated that you just had to add egg and water. Obviously as I don't eat eggs I needed to use a substitute. I have some powdered egg replacer that I have used before when making pancakes so thought that it would be appropriate for using for my fairy cakes.

As you can see from the picture my cakes did not turn out well at all! They didn't rise so I ended up with some very dense cakes that did not look appealing to eat at all! As they didn't rise properly they weren't flat on the top so icing them was really difficult. However, my frustration at how badly the cakes came out meant that I did rather take out my anger when icing the cakes and just threw icing in the general direction of the cakes! Anyway lesson learned- don't buy cake mixes and don't assume that egg replacer will always work in recipes.

Despite my disappointment, my family finished the cakes over the course of 24 hours so they can't have tasted all that bad.

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

:o( sorry the cakes didn't *look* good... but what's much more important is that they tasted good haha!