Sunday, 27 January 2008

Some meals I have been enjoying this week

I have been so busy with uni work this week that I haven't been updating very regularly, so this is a bumper post! First up is spaghetti bolognaise- with soya mince of course! I really enjoy hearty meals like this when it is cold so I think I will be having this a few times again next week! I served it in this dish as I often find on a plate that spaghetti gets cold quickly and I was eating it on my bed in front of the TV so wanted it to stay hot awhile!

Next up is a lentil curry which I really enjoyed. I didn't have much in the cupboard except some green lentils and a jar of curry sauce (Madras- very spicy : ) ) so thought I would combine the two and serve it over wholewheat cous cous (something I didn't know I had at the back of my cupboard!)

I think that this was probably my fave meal of the week! I made a tomato sauce and then added some Cheddareese to it to make it nice and creamy. I served it with wholewheat pasta shells (which I will not be buying again as I found when cooking the pasta that it all stuck together!) The picture does not make it look tasty at all but it was really yummy!

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