Saturday, 5 January 2008

Yet another post today- my lunch and dinner!

I usually only post what I eat for dinner so thought for a change I would show what I tend to eat for lunch. This was what I ate today. It was a tomato and bean soup with kale and was really tasty. I can't remember what beans I used (I was especially hungry when making it so just grabbed the nearest tin to me in my cupboard!). They provided a nice contrast in texture to the kale, which was slightly crunchy. I am not always a big fan of kale as I find the taste can be a little bitter but in the soup it was not bitter at all and worked well.

For a treat this evening my family and I decided to order in an Indian takeaway. I chose to eat a 'Balti vegetable dhansak', which was a mixed vegetable curry made with lentils. The picture is not very good I'm afraid (I couldn't wait to tuck in!)
I also ordered an Indian bread called chapatti, which is a flat bread that is not fried and it mopped up the sauce in the curry very nicely! I would love to try and recreate a similar curry myself but fear the result would not be half as tasty!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Indian food is the best!

Emma said...

mmm I know- I love it! Especially anything involving lentils : )