Sunday, 30 December 2007

Yet another stir fry (although not with tofu) and a lentil curry

I have been having stir fries really regularly recently! I love them though! This one I ate for dinner last night was made with my fave black bean sauce, a large range of veggies including peppers, sugar snap beas and bean sprouts and some udon noodles. Instead of using my usual tofu I tried slicing some of my favourite vegan sausages and stir frying them. They went really nicely in the stir fry and I would definitely use them again!

For dinner this evening I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat! I looked in the cupboard and found I had a tin of lentils, which I haven't eaten in a while so decided to use them in a curry. I used a Rogan Josh curry sauce which is a medium hot, tomato based sauce. I added some kale for texture and some fresh hot chilli peppers (because a love my curries with heat!). It was really yummy and hit the spot nicely!

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VeggieGirl said...

mmm, what a delicious-lloking stir-fry; and wow that lentil-curry sounds fantastic!! it's amazing how many great meals one can put together, just by having a few essentials items (like a can of lentils) on-hand :0)

hope you had a lovely new year!!