Friday, 28 December 2007

Another yummy stir fry and a tasty black bean curry

I enjoyed a very nice tofu stir fry with hosin sauce, loads of veggies and some udon noodles for dinner yesterday.

As you can see I made rather a lot (I was really hungry) and the food was fighting for space on my plate!

For my dinner this evening I really fancied a curry and as I have lots of tins of beans to use up I decided I would make it with black beans. I used a Balti sauce (shop bought not home made!) which said it was 'medium' spice and as I like my curries really hot I decided to add some fresh red chilli peppers.

It was certainly really spicy and really filled me up nicely! You can't see from the picture- because I started eating it and then remembered I wanted to photograph it!) but I served the curry on bulgar wheat (my fave grain at the mo) which complemented the curry really nicely. I would definitely make it again although I would maybe add some mushrooms because I love their texture and I think that they go well with beans.

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