Sunday, 23 December 2007

A yummy but boring breakfast and some tasty choccie treats!

I love porridge! I have it nearly every morning with soya milk. I have seen loads of exciting variations of porridge (or oatmeal as Americans call it!) but I always just eat it plain! It is lovely when the weather is really cold though (like today).

I was planning to do some baking today but felt kind of lazy so decided to make some No Bake Peanut butter Chocolate Oat Cookies based on this recipe: . They were so easy to make and were really tasty (although quick rich so a little does go a long way- not something I usually say about chocolate!) My family approved too and enjoyed them with a nice cup of tea.

I adjusted the recipe slightly- only using 1/2 a cup of sugar instead of the suggested 2 cups and about 1 cup of oats instead of 3 (otherwise I thought they would be too dry). Next time I would also reduce the amount of fat used as they came out a little greasy. I was worried about reducing the fat too much though as I thought that they might not stick together very well. Maybe I will use less next time and use something like half a banana mashed up to hold them together (much healthier too!)

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