Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A yummy meal with a friend

A friend of mine came over for a meal the other evening and I cooked us spaghetti bolognaise, one of my favourite meals when the weather is cold as it is nice to have something really 'hearty'.

I made it using wholemeal spaghetti as usual and used dried soya mince (my recent new food find) for the sauce with a tin of chopped tomatoes. Meal is pictured above.

For dessert, my friend baked a gorgeous chocolate cheesecake that we have enjoyed several times before. (See picture below)
The recipe can be found here:

It is called a 'Pie' in the recipe but comes out just like a cheesecake. It can be really rich if you use dark chocolate with a very high cocoa percentage so it is worth considering this before you make it. It always turns out really yummy though!

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