Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My first vegan macaroni cheese!

I managed to track down the cheese I was after, although I could not track it down in either of my local supermarkets, they had some in a health food shop in a shopping centre not too far away. I had to go out to do some last minute xmas shopping anyway and was pleased to have finally managed to buy some cheese!

I was thrilled with how it turned out as I didn't follow a recipe of any sort. But this is what I did:
I brought water to the boil and began to cook the pasta (you can't buy wholemeal macaroni where I live so fusilli had to suffice!)
I used 250ml of unsweetened soya milk and all of the cheese (the package is 60g and is in powdered form).
I added both and heated them together on a medium heat until the sauce began to thicken (this happened really quickly)
I used a whisk and stirred it regularly to stop it going lumpy.
I then drained the pasta and added it to the sauce until all of the pasta was nicely coated.
And then I ate it and it was yummy!
I don't think it tasted exactly like regular macaroni cheese but it certainly tasted good and will be something I will definitely make sometime again soon!


Henry said...

Looks good!

I always add a little bit of paprika and mustard to add a bit of colour and flavour.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey, I just discovered your great blog :o). I am quite active too, and thus always hungry... it's nice to know another vegan like me :o). All your food looks spectacular!

Emma said...

Yes I love getting to know other vegans online as I don't know any in 'real life'! Thanks for the compliment about my food, I have been looking at the pics of your food on your blog and thinking about how yummy all the cakes look!